Feb 17

Bounce House Rentals in Chicago

Few things can be more effective at making your party more memorable than having a bounce house as the party’s centerpiece. Whether you have a kid’s birthday party coming up or you are planning for a lavish wedding, renting a bounce house is a great way to entertain kids at your next event in New Jersey. These fun, inflatable play areas can be set up virtually anywhere there is space to provide younger party goers with an indoor activity that will occupy them for hours. Bounce houses are basically large rubber toys inflated with water or air with no structure, frame or edges. They are safe and minimal adult supervision is required.

Why should you rent a bounce house?

Contrary to popular belief, bounce houses and castles are not just the preserve of children’s birthday parties and other kid related events. They can be hired for any event where parents can bring the children, from family reunions to weddings. They are a great way to keep the kids occupied while the adults have their fun. Party foods tend to make children flighty and hyperactive, and they can easily burn off this energy by bouncing.

Variety on show, kids ever get bored

Kids get to enjoy many things with a rental. For example, they can enjoy a tug of war or many other physical activities. Currently there are many exciting shapes and shades of bounce houses to choose from. Additionally, you can decide to go with slide combos and you can now get for kids of all age groups. Bounce houses also offer several options for boys, girls and toddlers.

Inflatables that are available:

bouncy houses from toys r us

Bounce houses

There is a wide variety of licensed and safety certified inflatables themed with numerous well known cartoon character and kids’ superheroes. The units are designed to inject total fun and enjoyment to any event. Below are a few that stand out:

Sports reans bounce house – ideal for boys but girls will also love it. It has a basketball hoop for added fun. Princess castle bounce house – This is a fairy themed castle ideal for any your princes looking to fulfill her dream to live in the magical castle. Mickey Mouse bounce house – these is an all-time favorite among all age groups, the perfect inflatable rental for any Disney themed event! Deluxe happy birthday bounce house – a special place to make that girl/ boy feel special and extra happy on their special day Batman bounce house – this is the super hero lover’s fantasy come true and will provide is with hours of nonstop fun and enjoyment.

Bounce house combos

Bounce house combos are ideal for weddings and other events to entertain kids with varied interests. The best inflatable on show, the fun house combo is a full bounce house featuring a climbing area basketball hoop and an attached slide. The super castle combo is another good choice as it is designed with a basketball hoop, a slide, and a climb area. Other inflatables available for rental are the Disney princes house combo, obstacle course 360, and the justice league bounce house combo.

The holiday season is already upon us and you no doubt have a few fun activities in mind, but remember the kids are also looking forward to this season. Inflatable party rentals in New Jersey are very affordable and you can get even more value for your money by building a long lasting relationship with a rental company. Checkout this source for bounce house rentals Remember it is important to book early to avoid last minute disappointments since the demand for inflatables peaks out during the holiday season.